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Marquette Rosé

Medium Bodied | Still Rosé | 100% Marquette Grapes

Indulge in the refreshing elegance of our Marquette Rosé. This medium-bodied delight, crafted solely from Marquette grapes, dances on the palate with vibrant notes of cranberry and raspberry, evoking the essence of a summer garden. Its brilliance shines through with a crisp, invigorating finish that leaves you longing for another sip. Pair this versatile rosé with creamy Brie cheese, a selection of nuts, or a refreshing mixed green salad for a perfect harmony of flavors. Experience the epitome of sophistication in every bottle of our Marquette Rosé


Learn more about Isle La Motte Vineyard Marquette Rose

Tasting Notes

Cranberry, raspberry, brilliant, crisp

Pair With

Brie cheese, nuts, mixed green salad
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