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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Grand Isle County, our vineyard stands as a testament to the beauty and bounty of the region. As proud members of the vibrant community of Lake Champlain Wineries, we take pride in offering visitors a truly immersive experience, where every sip tells the story of our dedication to quality and tradition in Vermont wine-making. Come join us on a journey through our vineyard, where the essence of Vermont's terroir is captured in every bottle.

In the Beginning

Steven is an electrician by trade.  He got his start at a young age in the Northeast before moving to Alaska with his then girlfriend, later wife, Jamie. 


In 1980, they packed up their worldly possessions in a used Volvo and drove to Anchorage, Alaska.  They would eventually settle in Juneau, after living in Ketchikan, the latter where they married.  


In Juneau, they found a vibrant, warm community of friends who became family, many of them transplants from all over the United States.  Here, they continued to help raise Steven's children, run the yearly Klondike Race, hike, ski, skate and fish.  


Steven would eventually run his own electrical contracting business and Jamie, with a paralegal background, worked for several years with the Alaska Legislature.

Photos from top left: Jamie's grandmother (holding the doll, top left) on her family's Saranac farm, Steven's grandfather building boats in Montreal, and the morning we left for Alaska.

Photos of Jamie's family on their Saranac NY Farm, Dan's family building boats in MTL and a photo of a young Dan and Jamie
Jamie holding a white dog next to Dan holding a brown poodle in front of rows of grapes

A New Adventure

In-between work and continuing education, Steven and Jamie took hiatuses on their sloop, the Sentient, from Maryland to San Diego with many stops and adventures along the way, including multiple transits of the Panama Canal.  


They have never shied away from setting out on precarious adventures and here, they find themselves on this little piece of earth shepherding a vineyard.  Who would have thought?

Starting a Vineyard

They take very seriously this new chapter of vinification.  Like all their past endeavors, they've paid attention to detail and fostered a thriving operation, including a vineyard, winery and small tasting room. 


With patience, they've built a business that continually evolves to include new concepts in winemaking, along with creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.  To see it, is to believe it.

Ariel view of  Isle La Motte Vineyard in Vermont
Exterior seating area outside of the wine tasting room

Sharing the Love

They love this part of the country, remote and steeped in history, surrounded by Lake Champlain, near the Quebec border.


They've returned to one of their original communities of family and friends, while getting to know their island friends, as well.  It's an adventure in patience, stewardship and camaraderie, while navigating the terrain, weather and seasons.  


In everything, friendship, harvest and making fine wine, they are steeped in the essential.  They especially enjoy sharing this experience with their grandchildren.

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