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Light Body | Still White | 92% La Crescent 8% Lousie Swenson Grapes

Immerse yourself in the luminous charm of Lucent, a light-bodied white wine that exudes sophistication. Crafted from a blend of 92% La Crescent and 8% Louise Swenson grapes, Lucent offers a captivating medley of flavors. Experience the refreshing tang of lemon and apple, delicately balanced with a hint of thyme, creating a symphony of taste sensations on the palate. Its dry character adds to the allure, leading to a crisp and invigorating finish. Pair this exquisite wine with salted nuts, tinned fish, or crackers for a culinary experience that elevates the senses.


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Tasting Notes

Dry, lemon, apple, Thyme

Pair With

Salted nuts, tinned fish, crackers
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